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05 - Online - November Drupal Project Management In-Depth

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

This class is designed to help project managers, product owners and other leads build a deeper understanding of all the stages of Drupal project development and how to support teams to deliver the best possible outcomes.

One Day plus 2 follow-up sessions - $399

Monday, November 4, 2019

9.30 - 10 AM - Intros & Class Agenda
10 AM - 12.30 PM - Morning Session
12.30 - 1.30 PM - Lunch Break
1.30 PM - 4 PM - Afternoon Session

Plus we'll schedule a two-and-a-half hour online follow up session.
And then we'll schedule a two-and-a half hour online office hours session.

Whether you are a seasoned PM new to Drupal or have just been volunteered to manage a project in your 'spare time,' this class focuses on everything you need to know about Drupal to help you manage projects more successfully.

Target Audience:

  • Newcomers to Drupal 8 and those looking to deepen their understanding of how to plan and build successful Drupal web applications.

  • Project Managers, Product Owners and other project leadership.


  • Previous Project Management experience is helpful but not necessary.

  • An understanding of website building using a Content Management System is helpful but not necessary.

  • Experience using and building websites using systems such as Wordpress, Joomla!, or HTML and CSS is helpful but not necessary.

Among the topics discussed will be:

  • key concepts and phases of a Drupal project

  • project management methodologies and assets

  • ticketing and resource management applications

  • how to build project work plans

  • how to align your project plan with development best practices

  • development workflow and coding standards

  • tips for finding Drupal talent

  • better design and UX

  • effective content strategy


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